Asau Island from high above
Photo by: NASA Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Asau is one of Samoa’s tropical places in the country. Situated on the northwest coast of Savii islands, Asau is Vaisigano’s political district village. It serves as focal point for business centre and is widely known for its tropical beaches. The city of Asau is also known for its timber industry. Upon entering the harbor of Asau, a giant coral reef can be spotted as the ferry boat closes by where it can be seen blocking the opening of the harbor. This coral reef is very well glued in its place, in fact it was so tough not even New Zealand’s bombs work against it. Locals believe that their god aitu doesn’t want it removed. Today, this harbor is now being seldom used.

If you are looking for nice place to visit in Asau, you might want to consider the Tanu Beach Fales situated in the northern section of Savii Island in Manase Village. Beach Fale resort is actually part of a whole strip of beach resorts that can be located in this area. There are actually 5-7 beach resorts that are located here, but Tanu Beach Fales offers the cheapest and the largest beach resort in the area. All of these beach resorts include free breakfast and dinner when you lodge with them. The beach here is very beautiful and the sand is very fine and white.

If you’re thinking of traveling to Samoa, then you might want to consider Asau as one of the places to visit. If tropical beauty and adventure is what you’re looking for, then this place is perfect for you.

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