Aswan Monuments to the Pharoahs
Photo by: eviljohnius, Creative Commons

If you want to set foot in the Nile River, then the place to go to is Aswan, Egypt. This city is located eighty-one miles from the south of Luxor. It is an ancient frontier that has a unique African environment. Aswan was Syene in ancient Egypt. Good to say that this town is small enough to let you walk around and enjoy the whole view. It is overlooking the Nile River, where the Egyptian civilization all started. Life in Aswan has a slow, relaxing pace. Everyone can spend the days wandering up and down Corniche while witnessing boats write on the sky using their high masts. You can also just sit around in floating restaurants as you listen to Nubian music. In these restaurants you can enjoy fish that is freshly caught and cooked according to your wishes.

There is nowhere in Egypt that the Nile is at its most stunning look than in Aswan. You will see water flowing through the orange deserts and rocks. The islands that surround it are covered by orchard and green plants that make them pleasant to the eyes.

The city is filled with shops that sell the most fragrant scents and colorful spices. Sweet-smelling perfumes, bright scarves and well-designed baskets can be bought as souvenirs. The spectacular setting of the sun is going to soothe your senses as you drink your tea on the terrace of the most famous ancient hotel – the Old Cataract Hotel.

When you get to the east bank of the Nile, you can unwind and go to a number of mosques, but after you relax, you must prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure. You will find a bazaar that runs from Corniche to the Nubian Museum and past the cemetery. While you are at your shopping, you can enjoy the landmarks of the city. Nubian Museum holds a very organized display of Nubian treasures that were recovered just before Nubia was flooded. At the east of the cemetery, you are to find the Unfinished Obelisk that was carved directly out of tough bedrock. If this was finished, it would have had a measurement of 120 feet and weight of 1,200 tons.

There is just too much to love in Aswan. Going there and roaming around the city can be a real delight to someone who wants to relax and enjoy a clear view of the Nile River. Aswan is one of the most favorite winter resorts in Egypt since the 19th century and you’ll bet that it will always be.

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