Lago de Atitlan
Photo by: emilio labrador, Creative Commons

Atitlan is located in Panajachel, Guatemala. The place is popular for its breathtaking Lago de Atitlan or Lake Atitlan which is surrounded by three imposing volcanoes. The view is amazing, and many tourists in Guatemala make it a point to visit the lake.

Visiting the lake by boat or canoe is one of the things that you can do in Atitlan. You can look at the lake’s grandeur closely by riding a boat. You will know how it feels like being surrounded by three volcanoes. The short trip to Lake Atitlan from the main villages is also a trip to remember. You will see clouds covering the view, and you will feel like you are walking in the sky.

You can stay at one of the comfortable hotels in Atitlan like Porta Hotel del Lago. It is very nice and comfy and the food is also great. You can also eat at Pupuseria Cheros where you cane at cheese, beans, and meat-stuffed tortillas locally known as pupusas.

After your trip to the lake, you can also go to the Solola market where you can see Guatemala’s colourful traditional costumes and their locally made handicrafts and ware. You should also visit nearby villages where you will see Guatemala’s ethnic groups that are famous for making colourful woven cloths.

If you want to see monkeys, hundreds of species of butterflies, and different species of wild orchids, you should visit the place called San Buenaventura Nature Reserve. The reserve’s 247-acre land is located along the shores of Lago de Atitlan.

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