Aurora Reservoir
Photo by: denver_flyer, Creative Commons

The city of Aurora is located within the Douglas, Adams and Arapahoe municipalities in Colorado. The city is currently the 59th most popular city in the US and has an estimated population of more than 2 million since 2007. Aurora City is well-known as the hometown of notable public figures and celebrities which includes Tim Allen, TJ Cunningham, William Armstrong and Colorado Governor Bill Owens.

Aurora was originally known as the “Fletcher Town” during the 1880’s. The town was named in honor of Denver-based real estate owner and businessman Donald Fletcher. He purchased half of the average square lot of the Colorado area after the “1893 Silver Crash”. In 1907, Fletcher turned down the purchasing of the Colorado area. The first Colorado inhabitants reclaimed the area and they named it as “Aurora Town”. Since 1980, Aurora already became one of America’s fast-rising cities.

Sports Illustrated chose Aurora City as Colorado’s “Official Sports Town” during the magazine’s 50th anniversary. The magazine decided to choose the city as the best site for local sports events in the US because of its advanced sports facilities. In 2003, the Aurora Sports Park was opened to attract more than 40 regional and national tournaments in America.

The Morrison Nature Center is one of the city’s most visited tourist spots today. Also known as the “Star K Ranch”, the Morrison Center provides a variety of nature explorations which includes access to the 50-acre Jewell Wetland and Sand Creek Greenway Trail. The center also has butterfly garden sites and child-friendly eco trails. The DeLaney Farm is home to one of Aurora’s populous historic spots. A 130-acre open site, the DeLaney Farm serves as the city’s access trail to Colorado’s “High Line Canal Garden”. The site is also where the 1,100-acre Aurora Plains Conservation Center is situated.

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