Main Street Avarua
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

If you want to be able to experience real tropical island delight, then head on now to Avarua, Cook Island. Located along the north coast of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, Avarua is the destination for tourist shopping when you are in the area. It boasts of some of the island’s splendid restaurants and shops. The warm and sunny weather makes for a perfect day out just to swim, or take a long walk on the fine sandy beaches.

When you are in Avarua, do not forget to check out the following tourist destinations to complete your holiday getaway. Your first stop should be the Salt Water Café; with the beach just across, you can easily take a dip into the warm, sparkling blue waters and swim with the fishes. The place is not filled with many tourists so you can enjoy lounging in the area all day long. If you are into snorkeling or diving, perhaps you may want to go to the Edgewater Resort where they have some of the best and beautiful corals, starfish, and other marine life that will just take your breath away. Getting a place to stay at while you are in Avarua is not a problem as there are many hotels that will surely fit your budget.

Avarua is the best place for you to visit if you are in love with the sea and everything about it. You will surely enjoy the hospitality and relaxed attitude of the locals, the wonderful and delectable food of the Island, the quaint shops, and the sandy beaches where you can relax all day long and melt your worries away.

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