Aviation Heritage Museum

A Grumman G21A on display at the museum
Photo by: Sir Midred Pierce, Creative Commons

The Aviation Heritage Museum caters to anyone’s interest in aviation. This is not your ordinary museum; this is one museum which will not be all history and heavenly bodies. Here, you will be entertained by the history and development of aviation in Alaska. Since its opening to the public in 1988, the museum is located in Anchorage. It has been through a lot of changes and improvements. From the simple two story building and original one hangar, the heritage museum is now composed of more hangars and more aircrafts for tourists to see firsthand.

Due to the popularity of the museum, it would be ideal to call in advance to make sure that you will get to enter and enjoy the museum fully. Feel free to inquire about the operation hours and the activities they can offer for interested tourists like you. Since the renovation project of the museum in 2006, visitors and the things you can see inside have noticeably increased in number. The family will surely love a visit in the museum. Seeing these preserved aircrafts in the museum is for everybody.

The popularity of the museum has proven to be getting bigger since they had expanded their parking area to accommodate visitors. Complete your visit to Alaska, make sure to include the Aviation Heritage Museum in your tour itinerary. Grab the chance of a lifetime to witness closely the aviation history of Alaska. It is not every day that you get to walk amongst the aircrafts and hangars, and learn on how aviation in one place developed over the years.

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