Awe is one of the thirteen Local Government Areas of Nasarawa State in Nigeria. Its head office is located in the small town of Awe.

Awe has an area of 2, 557 square kilometers and a population count of 112, 574 at the 2006 census.

Nasarawa State is a state located in central Nigeria. Nasarawa was established on the 1st of October 1996. Nasarawa State is bordered in the east by Plateau States and Taraba, in the north by the Kaduna State, in the south by Benue States and Kogi, and in the west by the Abuja Federal Capital Territory.

A system of roads can be found in Nasarawa, connecting all the major towns and rural areas.

The state of Nasarawa has agriculture as the foundation of its good economy with the making of assortments of cash crops all throughout the year. It contains minerals like bauxite and salt as well.

The state of Nasarawa has the Federal Polytechnic and College of Education. It also possesses other vocational learning schools as well.

Awe is one of the 774 Local Government Areas or LGAs of Nigeria. Awe is responsible for Local Government Area functions such as:
· Economic commendations to the state
· Founding and preservation of burial ground, cemeteries and homes for the infirm or destitute
· Construction and preservation of streets, open spaces, parks, roads, drains and other community highways.
· Naming of streets and roads and assigning of numbers to houses.
· Collection of fees and taxes.
· And more

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