Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Photo by: iswc, Creative Commons

People who love to party and enjoy the nightlife should definitely check out Ayia Napa, Cyprus. This place is just the perfect place to drink, dance, and have loads of fun. Bars and clubs are very abundant here. They even compete fiercely with one another, so any person who happens to pass by will be accosted for a free drink. The bar staff are extremely persistent. They will not stop until they get a customer. Among the well-known hangouts are Bedrock, Ice, and the Castle Club. In addition, strip clubs are also popular here. Toga Toga and Moulin Rouge are the most popular. The majority of the bars and clubs here in Ayia Napa are not opened until almost midnight.

In addition, the Ayia Napa is a great place to visit for historical purposes. The Ayia Napa Monastery is makes an excellent spot to see a very old structure representing the town’s cultural heritage. Moreover, beautiful white sand beaches are found here in Ayia Napa. The Makronisos Beach is among the most beautiful. Then, there is the Nissi Beach which is famous for all the beautiful people that go here. During the summer parties can be found everywhere. Holiday villas are also sought after because they are more practical options than hotel rooms. Majority of the private villas can accommodate more than four people, and most of them also include swimming pools.

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