Ayoun el Atrous

Ayoun el Atrous Main Road
Photo by: 300td.org, Creative Commons

Do you want to go to a place where the 2007 Car Rally passed through? It would be a lovely and exciting place to add to your itinerary this season! Go to Ayoun el Atrous and you will relive the experience of actually being at the same place where cars and motorcycles zoomed past to reach the finish line. It is of course the adventure of a lifetime should you visit a place like Ayoun el Atrous whose other name could also be Ayoun al Atrous should you search for it in the Internet for hotels and other things to do there.

It is such a thrill if you’d rent a car to go through different places here in Mauritania. The terrain is crazy so you’d really hit the extreme ride so better choose the four wheel drives for a good time on the sand. Speaking of sand, there are no sandstorms lately since the weather showed good signs of partly cloudy and partly sunny so it would just be a breeze that would be coming your way. Amounting to gusts of 10mph, the breeze would just blow your hat off your head so better wear a cap.

So what else would you do at Ayoun el Atrous, Mauritania? There are different market stalls there that cater to the local products like rugs, carpets and handicrafts. Mauritania is a cattle territory that’s why even their products being sold are part and parcel of their main means of livelihood.

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