Baa Atoll

Baa sunset
Photo by: findiver, Creative Commons

Baa Atoll, Maldives is a perfect site for people who love to dive, who want to see sharks, and who simply want to have a different experience of the sea-and-sun combo. This atoll is on the west of Maldives and has 75 islands– 13 of them are inhabited, 57 are uninhabited including the five ones which are currently being developed into resorts. The atoll is divided into three: the South Maalhosmadulu Atoll, the Horsburgh Atoll also known as Goidhoo Atoll, and the main one which is Baa.

This atoll of Maldives is especially tranquil and very rich in coral gardens and vibrant reefs. This is why it is one of the most favorite diving spots in the archipelago. When in Baa, here are some of the spots you should not miss to go to:

• Baiypolhi Mas- This is believed to be the most challenging and most thrilling dive spot in the atoll because of the several batfish you may encounter.
• Sonevafushi – Also known as Kunfunadhoo, this island has 1400 x 400-meter area and is one of the biggest Maldivian islands. The name of the atoll came from the couple who were tenants in the island—Sono and Eva. “Fushi” means “island.” The unique thing about Sonevafushi is it has a vast record of virgin jungle.
• Dhunikolhu—This is one of the most enchanting islands in the region which is home to one of the most exclusive resorts in the archipelago.
• Horubadhoo—This island is also called the Royal Iceland resort. It has native flora and the resort is known to be very family-friendly.

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