Popa Taungkalat temple
Photo by: exfordy, Creative Commons

There is no other place for an all-year round tourist destination than Bagan, Myanmar. With the perfect climate and great destinations that never cease throughout the year, you can pick a good date to fly here in this place.

Once here, you will never run out of great places to see. With over 2000 pagodas as well as temples housed here in Bagan, you can experience a magnificent stay in this place. Standing there for over 1500 years already, the scene will give you the thought and feel of an ancient place. You can grab a car, a horse cart, or a bike to roam around the city and experience the beauty of the past.

To complete your experience in Bagan, you must get a trip to Mount Popa. This is a famous mountain with a monastery on top of it. For sure, you will not forget the 777 steps that you need to climb in this mountain just to get a good view of this landmark.

Besides this great monastery, you can be overwhelmed as to how this place has maintained its sacredness through the preservation of a lot of great temples here. More than these, there is a wide array of local themes that can grab the attention of tourists like you. This includes the art of Lacquer ware, fabrics, and bamboo works.

So here in Bagan, you don’t have to wait for the next summer season to experience the ancient ambiance this place has to offer. Come and be inspired by the antique landmarks anytime of the year.

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