Bakersfield Street Clock
Photo by: Renjishino, Creative Commons

Bakersfield is an old fashioned community which is perhaps mostly known for its music—the Berkeley Sound. It is country music with its own unique sound and is at the very heart of this city’s life. In fact, live bands perform nightly at the local bars. The weather here is very hot during summer and chilly during winter. Clear and sunny skies can be enjoyed during summer. Bakersfield is also reputed to have the worst fog in all of West Coast, with visibilities dropping to zero.

Bakersfield is home to many recreational activities. You could go white water rafting and have an exhilarating aquatic experience. You could also try boating and fishing. Boat and watercraft rentals are available for tour purposes. If you are up for the challenge, you could go skiing at Shirley Meadows. Or you could just enjoy Shirley’s amazing scenery. Riverside courses that line up along the trees are available for golf enthusiasts. One of the popular ones is the Kern River Golf Course.

If a long drive is what you fancy, maybe you’ll love a mountain forest drive so you may enjoy a great view of the city’s rugged landscape. For those who feel like trying their luck, there are also some casinos in Bakersfield. The Eagle Mountain Casino and Golden West Casino would welcome you with flair.

Sightseeing is also popular in Bakersfield. There are galleries, arts museum, amusement parks, historical and national parks, and festivals. Sequoia & King’s Canyon National Park is surely worth the trip. Country music lovers would love a trip to Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace a music venue that pays tribute to Bakersfield Sound. Live performances are at the heart of Bakersfield culture. Make sure to never leave without visiting a local bar or a music lounge.

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