Shoreline View of Baku, Azerbaijan
Photo by: teuchterlad , Creative Commons

The city of Baku has many amenities for a broad diversity of cultural experiences, from its history to music. It also possesses a wide collection of museums that are dedicated to modern art, religion, and history. Several of Baku’s cultural attractions were commemorated when the city was chosen as the Islamic Culture Capital in 2009. Baku City was also selected to host the Eurovision Dance Contest 2010.

Baku city is home to an assortment of places including Shirvanshah Palace, Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, and Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall. The city is home to several art galleries and museums as well, the most well-known being the Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature, Azerbaijan State Museum of Art, and Carpet and Applied Arts Museum, which displays carpets from all styles, periods and from both the Azeri provinces in Iran and the Azerbaijan proper. Baku’s main film theatre is the Azerbaijan Cinema.

The city has the reputation for providing an energetic nightlife, and a lot of nightclubs that are open till dawn are situated all over Baku. The majority of the bars and pubs are situated close to Fountain Square and are regularly open till the morning’s early hours. There are numerous Irish, Scottish, and British style pubs such as Phoenix Bar, O’Malley’s, Rig Bar, Finnigans, Shakespeares, Corner Bar, and The Clansman. A few of the most famous night clubs and discotheques are Le Mirage, Zagulba Disco Club, Le Chevalier, and X-Site.

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