Balboa Park Miniature Train

Miniature Train Ride at Balboa Park
Photo by: jencu, Creative Commons

Balboa Park, located in San Diego, California is home to many attractions that include 15 museums, performing arts venues, botanical gardens, and a zoo, making it the United State’s largest urban cultural park. The park is a favourite destination for both visitors and residents because of the quality and amount of entertainment they get whether it is on the different exhibits and cultural shows or taking a tour of the beautiful sites. Situated on the vast acres of land, going around the park and taking in the wonderful sights is made easy via San Diego’s Balboa Park Miniature Train.

Covering four acres of the park, the Miniature Train is an easy, fun ride that will take you through the park in just three minutes. Since it was built in 1948, over five million people have already enjoyed this locomotive experience.

The Train is a model G-16, now considered a rare antique with as few as fifty of them remaining worldwide. It is built to one fifth scale making it a sight to see for adults and a delight for kids to ride in. Local folk have fond memories dating back to when they were still kids of riding the train and they continue the experience even now that they have their own kids to bring to the train ride.

The ride is managed by the San Diego Zoo Department of Transportation at a minimal charge. The train seats 48 people whether adults or kids and traverses a half mile trip throughout the park where passengers usually find joy looking at picturesque views and enjoy waving to crowds they pass on the trail.

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