Lush Vegetation in Bali, Cameroon
Photo by: Wiki Media Commons, Creative Commons

Are you thinking of a wonderful place to visit once you set foot in Nigeria? Well, there is one called Bali, Cameroon.

In Bali, Cameroon, you will be transported back to the days when you want to discover new places. There are different kinds of animals that you often just see on TV or at the zoo. Yes they are behind bars there but here in Bali, you have to hold on tight since they are just prancing around. Safety precautions are given especially during the peak months when tourists are visiting almost every day.

Just make sure that these animals don’t attack you since there is just one main hospital in the area for emergencies. That is why when you head of to this wonderful place, always bring with you a first aid kit – just in case something happens.

The temperature in Bali can be very hot and humid so pack clothes that are made of light and breezy fabric. It actually gets a too humid during the day but once it gets dark, you will be thankful for the cool breeze against your skin.

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