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Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Located in the southern part of Liechtenstein is a small village named Balzers. Based on a census conducted last 2005, the village is inhabited by 4,420 people. The river Rhine runs along the small village particularly at its east bank.

In reality, Balzers is not one united village. It is composed of two villages situated opposite each other. The one in the East is what most people would refer to as the actual Balzers. On the other hand, the one in the West is referred to as Mals. The division of the village into two regions is not very distinct. Outsiders would not know that there is a division at all. But the division can be seen within the local villagers in terms of practicing culture. The two disparate groups engage in an unending friendly competition. Although they share the same culture, they practice it separately.

Reaching Balzers can be quite a challenge because there is no local airport available. In fact, there is no airport available in the whole Liechtenstein. However, you can reach Balzers through a heliport which accommodates chartered flights.

The altitude of Balzers is 494 meters. If you love old chapels, old castles, and old natural sites, Balzers is the place to visit! Visiting the Gutenberg Castle is on everyone’s itinerary together with the chapels of St. Peter and Mariahilf. Aside from historical sites, Balzers offers tourists a taste of nature through their unscarred virgin reserves. It is truly the place where history and nature blend in perfect harmony.

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