View of Street in Bamako, Mali
Photo by: robinelaine, Creative Commons

In Mali, the capital of this African country is Bamako and it is also the largest city. Since it is the capital and the largest city, Bamako, Mali also has a huge population of more than a million people. The place is near the famous Niger River.

Commerce and trading thrive in Bamako, Mali. It manufactures several products like metal goods and textiles. It also has a thriving meat industry. The booming commerce and trading made Bamako one of the fastest growing urban cities in Africa

One of the most popular things to do in Bamako, Mali is shopping. The place is like one huge marketplace where you can buy goods and produce only found in Mali. There is one place where you can buy Mali souvenirs for all of your family and friends back home—the Le Marche Rose. You can buy many different types of souvenirs in this marketplace—from masks to jewellery and other local crafts.

Also experience watching films in Bamako’s local cinemas. The cinemas are all over Bamako. You can watch international films or if your timing is right, you can watch local cultural films.

These are just a couple of things that you can do in Bamako, Mali. Make sure that you experience both to complete your Mali trip.

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