Bandung at night
Photo by: o b s k u r a, Creative Commons

Want to enjoy nature’s beauty without escaping the city landscape? Then, Bandung City is the destination for you. It is the third largest city in Indonesia which is surrounded by a series of volcanoes. It has a cooler climate than any of the other cities in Indonesia, making it a favorite weekend destination for Indonesian locals. From the city, you can enjoy roaming around the forest with just two hours of walk. Also, the Tangkbuhan Prahu volcano is one of many trail hike most visitors would go for. Indeed, this city is truly enriched with nature’s gift, as formerly, the place was used as a coffee bean and tea plantation because of the rich fertile soil from the volcanic ash. It is only around 18th century that people came to reside in the city and most of them were Sudanese natives. For this reason, Sundanese culture is well maintained in Bandung, reflected mostly in their products.

While touring the city, you will note that the historical structures have a Dutch influence. This is because of the Dutch colonialism over the country for many years. The Dutch inspired architectures add a unique view to the city, as Asian and Western cultures collide in the structures. Furthermore, there are also lots of golf courses in Bandung, so you can enjoy a round of golf as you appreciate the nature’s beautiful scenery. Above all, what most visitors go for Bandung city is its market. The city is famous for its shopping districts as there are many textile shops here. They are well known for jeans and excess produces of stylish clothes, so you can enjoy shopping here!

If you are travelling to Indonesia for the first time, don’t forget to visit Bandung city as well! Enjoy shopping around the place with its countless merchandise to choose from. Also, try to hike on the forest up to the volcanoes surrounding the city. Along with it, you can notice the lovely products of nature’s scenery; this includes water falls, a flowing river stream and the forest’s undisturbed beauty. Enjoy nature’s beauty and shopping spree in this wonderful city!

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