Street in Bangalore
Photo by: jaybergesen, Creative Commons

People who already visited Bangalore and its spectacular landmarks cannot wait to go back to the place and spend more time knowing more about it. This makes Bangalore one of the most sought-after places in India, not to mention that it is also one of the places with the most number of attractive spots, particularly the popular Palace & Fort.

Kempe Gowda is responsible for building the Bangalore Fort. Tippu Sultan further improved and expanded this tourist spot. Besides its enormous size, what makes this fort a must-see for tourists is the Ganapathi temple, the structure that is built within the high walls of the fort. Until now, the temple still looks good as new, as it was preserved by the temple’s caretakers since the 16th century.

The Bangalore Palace, on the other hand, was influenced by the Windsor Castle. Built by a Wodeyar ruler, this structure was laid on a large space estimated to be around 400 acres. Bearing the Tudor style of architecture, the building was completed in 1887. Windows are also built from Gothic inspirations which displayed windows of large foiled materials. Also in the palace are war weapons like battlements and defensive turrets. The palace is heavily compared to Srirangapatanam’s Daria Daulat’s palace. Inside are paintings and carving that says a lot about the history of Bangalore and the people who dwelled in the place.

It is only in June, 2005 when the palace has been opened for public viewing. Srikandatta Wodeyar decided to do this in order for the caretakers to keep up with the cost of the maintenance of the palace, particularly the walls and the windows that make up the building.

The admission fee’s differ. The fort and the palace can only be visited from 10 Am to 6 Pm from Mondays to Saturdays. Despite the price, tourists are sure to enjoy every second that they are inside the fort and palace.

Bangalore is truly blessed to have such an attractive spot like the Bangalore Fort & Palace. Tourists should never pass up the chance to visit the place.

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