Baranov Museum

Baranov Museum
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If Alaska could be known for something else besides coldness and ice glaciers, it should be about its rich historic significance not just in the United States but in the entire world as well. Such fact is evident with the mere existence of the Baranov Museum located in Kodiak, Alaska.

Back to the days when Alaska was still populated by people from various nationalities and it was a territory of Russia, much historical influence were brought into Alaska. The Baranov Museum seems like a perfect location for the representation of the rich history and culture of the area.

The island where the museum sits clearly defines how quick changes were applied at the time when Russia took over the state. And because the preoccupation lasted for almost a hundred and fifty years, there is no question as to why this seemingly isolated state became a melting pot of culture and lifestyle.

If you think that only historians will enjoy the exquisite beauty of the museum, then you got it all wrong. In fact, visitors from all walks of life and from all age range can enjoy the museum as it provides a very outstanding depiction of the culture and lifestyle of the Alaska natives even before the time the Russians came in to conquer the land. Aside from showcasing the native lifestyle, the museum is also packed with artifacts that are clear odds and ends of the Russian immigration to the area.

There are also bits and pieces of the phenomenal World War II as well as memorabilia from the post-war years. Good thing about the museum is that children aged 12 and below are not charged for entrance fees. This means the entire family can enjoy this informational tour. After an educational trip at the Baranov Museum, all guests are sure to have a clearer view of the area’s past and be acquainted with the villager’s way of life.

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