An open coal mine near Hailar, Inner Mongolia
Photo by: Wolfiewolf, Creative Commons

Mongolia is a vast mix of landscape found alongside Russia and China. Mongolian tourism has become the economy’s main feat along with cashmere and mining.

Experience a nomadic life in one of its cities, Baruun-Urt, the capital of Sükhbaatar. Baruun-Urt, Mongolia is a very small obscure town situated in the middle of a desert. Some locals in this scruffy, poor city are employed in the nearby zinc mine owned by a Chinese investor or at a coal mine in the northern part of the town.

One thing you can experience in Baruun-Urt is an experience similar to astronauts who have landed in the surface of the moon. This happens during the cold season when it is almost impossible to go out and walk in the open because of the barren and freezing surroundings.

Don’t miss to check out the wrestling Uzemchin brass-studded jacket in your visit to Baruun-Urt museum. The museum displays a fine collection of tribe costumes that represent the three ethnic tribes that reside in the town. The majority of the natives are the Khalkh, the Daringanga who are natives of the south of Sükhbaatar, and the Uzemchin found in the aimags of Dornod and Sükhbaatar.
Another attraction that you should not fail to visit is the Erdenemandal Khiid monastery which was built around 1830. Inside are seven temples and about a thousand monk residents. A new monastery is situated in the west about 400m from the square. Around 108 different stupas or dome-shaped shrine surrounds the new monastery.

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