Batam Cloud Reflections on the lake
Photo by: ^riza^, Creative Commons

Batam is an island and a city as in the Riau Islands. It is a popular tourist destination because of its free trade zone status, part of the Sijori Growth Triangle. Visitors come and go in the city through ferry boats and many enjoy the clear blue waters that can be seen while on the ferry. The city also has an airport, the Hang Danim Airport which has the longest runway in Indonesia. Upon arrival on the island, the first destination is usually in Nagoya. It is the center for entertainment, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, hotels, discos and karaoke hubs. If you want to experience night life in Batam, then, Nagoya is the right place for you.

Furthermore, Batam also has its own pride of beach resorts like any other Indonesian cities. In Nongsa, a lot of resorts and golf courses can be found. It is located in the northern coastal area of the island as most visitors stay on Nongsa. You can enjoy its fine white sand and clear blue water. On the other hand, if you want peaceful and calm moments with nature, then, the Duriangkang East shore and Duriangkang Dam will be the right spot for you. In Duriangkang East Shore, you can enjoy its green fields and bird farms. Its rural landscape will take you away from the city life. You can also visit Batam’s historic past, the Tj Uma and Batu Merah are the perfect places for you. These are ancient villages where traditional island life is still practiced.

In every trip, food is never out of line. In Batam, you can enjoy limitless seafood cuisine with the city’s numerous seafood restaurants. These seafood delicacies are often cooked Indonesian style, making it a must-try food for every visitor. They also offer mild tasting seafood that is perfect even for the most sensitive stomach. Batam, you now have reasons to visit the island!

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