Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy 400
Bay of Fundy
Photo by: Five-two, Creative Commons

This is one of Canada’s best destinations. In fact it is contested to be part of the Seven Wonders of the World. This Island is known as the largest Island of the Arctic Archipelago which lies directly in between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia which is in the East Coast of Canada. Bay of Fundy or Baie Francaise in French was discovered in 1604 by a voyager by the name of Samuel de Champlain. The bay has a funnel like shape to it.

This bay is known for their rocks that are as high as a four storey building. One of the bays residents is the second largest whale in the world, the finback whale. Bay of Funday gives the visitor many to see, add to that the food, they are abundant in fresh sea foods like fish, lobster, and mussels just to name a few. Fundy is also renowned for its wines –extraordinary in taste.

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