Goats and paintings near Bayanhongor
Photo by: marissas23, Creative Commons

Bayanhongor is the Mongolian province in the south-western part of the country. It is surrounded by mountain ranges and has a number of flowing rivers like Tui, Zag, and Taatz. It is also a hub for several big lakes like Holboolj, Orog, and Buun Tsagaan. In the winter, temperature is between 18 and 30 degrees while it is between 15 and 27 during the summer.

Bayanhongor, Mongolia is noted for the carcass of giant dinosaurs discovered in its grounds. The extinct creatures are believed to have lived in the land about 80 million years ago. Another thing that Bayanhongor is famous for is its spas– both hot and cold ones. If you wish to visit some of them, include Uheg, Teel, Icheet, Urguot, and Shargaljuut on your list. They will surely relieve your stress from the tiresome journey.

One thirds of the whole Mongolian flora grows in this province so you can imagine how green the surrounding is. There are all sorts of plants used for all sorts of things like oils, papers, nutrients, herbs, dyes, glues, and every other use possible.

Of course, aside from enjoying the greens, no tour will ever be complete without sightseeing. One of the spots you must go to is the Chess Rock Monument. It is in Erdenetsogt soum which is one of the cultural heritages of the Mongolian ancestors who lived in 3000 BC. Findings show that chess was played by the Mongols as early as the time. Another place to visit is the Nomun Khan’s Monastery which was founded in the 1750s. It is said that until the 1930’s, the traditional praise and song of blessings were sung here. These are just some of the things that Bayanhongor has to offer.

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