Tourists across the globe travel to different places for different reasons. For one, they aim to capture the culture and tradition of a particular place by visiting and recording videos or capturing pictures of whatever interests them. Another reason might be because they want to relax and have fun during their spare time. Whatever the reason of the tourists may be, this place should always be included in the list of places that they will be visiting during their trip – Bealanana in the beautiful country of Madagascar.

Bealanana is situated at the foot of the Tsaratanana mountain range, which is a strategic location for a tourists spot. It is also near the ocean, so tourists can do mountain climbing and diving all in one place, if ever they consider doing extreme sports in the area. More than that, Bealanana has a rich culture that is evident in its buildings and the beliefs and traditions that the people within the place are still practicing.

Moreover, Bealanana is regarded as the “rice granary” of the Island’s northwestern realm, probably because it produces the majority of the rice in the island, which is also one of their staple foods. There are varieties of rice that is harvested in the area and in the island as well, so tourists might also want to take a look at that.

The breathtaking landscape and view from the Tsaratanana mountains should be enough to convince tourists to try visiting and staying in this place, so that they could get a taste of what Madagascar has to offer.

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