Bear Glacier

Majestic Bear Glacier on Rt 37@ 6000 Feet.
Photo by: Rigadoon Glass, Creative Commons

Many have dreamt of stepping foot on Alaska and finally experience a once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan tour. Embarking on such tour can instantly make you feel like you went off to a movie scene where you face perfect icy mountains and you’re surrounded by abundant marine wildlife and a multitude of beautiful glaciers. If you want to experience that, then you should be booking your trip to Bear Glacier.

The place’s name suggests what to expect during a tour in the area — spotting bears! In the Bear Glacier, sightings of seals, black bears, wolves, seabirds, and birds of prey are but a normal sight. Such ambience is best enjoyed while riding a kayak and carefully gliding through the icebergs in the area. With the span of 3 miles, the Bear Glacier is an icy paradise! Also, it is a good spot for camping and hiking. Nature wonders are also present and accessible from the area and a minimal travel time can lead you to magnificent waterfalls and majestic caves. If you chanced upon visiting the area on June or July, you will see a picturesque landscape filled with fireweed, chocolate lilies, and geranium wildflowers.

While it is recommended that a couple of days be spent in order to maximize your visit to the Bear Glacier, there are also day tours offered which usually takes 10 to 12 hours of pure exploration and sight-seeing. These tours involve wildlife observation at the glacier, kayaking within the area, and a couple of hours to lounge around the area. But if you have the luxury of time, you can try their overnight camping trips and hiking activities prepared and carefully planned out by expert tour guides.

Whether you like to gaze upon the beauty of a true summer solstice, enjoy watching wildflowers bloom at Spring, or you simply want to take time spotting bears, the Bear Glacier is a perfect spot for you.

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