Tram – Train, Tenom-Beaufort Railway
Photo by: g-hat, Creative Commons

Beufort is in the eastern part of Luxembourg. It is part of the canton of Echternach and a part of the Grevenmacher district. The town lies at the center of the commune, with a population of 1366 in 2005. The town boasts castles that date back centuries ago.

During the 12th century, castles in Beaufort were made to serve to house the royal family and as a fortress for the whole city. Today, these castles serve as wonderful attractions that take back the visitor centuries ago. The castles have been restored in the 16th century by the governor of Luxembourg.

Among these castles, the most famous is the castle of Beaufort. This castle has a renaissance architecture. Together with the castle, a neo-Gothic church was also built in the 12th century. These two buildings serve as the top destination for tourists all year round. Aside from their marvelous architecture, they also give you a good bird’s eye view of the whole region, including farmlands, brooks, woodlands, and rock formations. Several footpaths lead to these attractions.

Located in the Mullerthal region, Beaufort serves as the best place for water activities. Kirsch and Cassis are food choices exotic to the area. Many tourists love this food because of its exquisite taste. These are specialties you shouldn’t miss.

The city also provides complete relaxation and recreational activities such as open-air swimming, tennis court, skating rink, mini golf course, and horse riding. Beaufort is indeed a wonderful place for a vacation. The whole area is perfect for enthusiasts, sportsmen, or even just for a simple tourist wanting to relax himself.

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