Belmont Park in Mission Beach

Rollercoaster at Sunset at Belmont Park
Photo by: Foxtongue, Creative Commons

Ever gone for a weekend getaway where not everybody had the time of their lives? How about seeing an amusement park and wished to be a kid again to enjoy the place, specifically the rides? At San Diego’s Belmont Park, there is something for everybody – for the young and for the young-at-heart.

For adult and teen thrill-seekers, Belmont Park may be the best one yet! Awesome rides include the Vertical Plunge that rises to about the height of a three-story building and suddenly drops the riders like a hot potato! There is also the famous Giant Dipper, which is a roller coaster. What makes this ride so unique? The ride’s location is at the beach front, with exciting twists and turns designed for those seeking an adrenalin rush. The only limitation is that those who want to enjoy these rides must at least be 48 inches in height, and this precaution is taken for safety purposes. That’s about four feet to be measured prior to getting in the ride.

Those who will be bringing younger children or friends under 48 inches or four feet in height can enjoy rides such as Tilt-a-Whirl, Speedway Bumper Cars, and Crazy Submarine. These are safer, and can be accessible to those under the required measurements when accompanied by a chaperone. Again, the requirements are for safety purposes, and there’s nothing ever wrong with taking extra precaution.

A ride that anyone will be able to experience, or a family to enjoy together is the Liberty Carousel – an old style carousel that is so authentic, it might just bring tears to the older folk to be able to see something so unique in an amusement park. The Thunder Boats is another attraction that everyone will be able to enjoy; just ride the boat and imagine being at sea, with real water under the ride.

The best about the park is that admission is free! Even the car gets free parking! Pay only when accessing rides, joining activities and watching events or shows.

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