Downtown Berkeley and San Francisco just across
Photo by: Introvert, Creative Commons

Berkeley offers a variety of activities for locals and foreigners alike. It is situated at the northern end of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Despite a fast growing number of industries within and around the city, it managed to maintain its charming “small town” reputation. Among it many landmarks, and perhaps the most famous, is the University of California. It is a bubbly city, which has evolved into a cultural and culinary district. It is filled with unbeatable shopping destinations, world class restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Berkeley’s culture is rich and vast, and there are many venues to enrich one’s creativity in this city. But what is considered as the heart of the Berkeley life is food. Berkeley is a city known to be passionate when it comes to food that’s why locals are so proud and the tourist just keep coming back to savor more of their cuisines. Baking enthusiasts would love a visit at Spun Sugar, which offers classes on baking, cake decorating and candy making. Rare and exotic baking ingredients and supplies are also available here. If you love olive oil, visit Stonehouse Olive oil, which produces and bottles California’s Olive oil.

The outdoors in this city is so promising that one will never ran out of things to try and enjoy. Biking and hiking trails go around the bay and into the city’s amazing landscape. The more adventurous types will enjoy rock climbing, kayaking, skateboarding, and windsurfing. The more laidback ones will surely love a stroll at Berkeley’s beautiful gardens and lush vegetation. If you love outdoor shopping, there are family farm markets here that are so festive in atmosphere and has a wide array of choices of local products that you wouldn’t want to leave. One of these is the Monterey farm located on North Berkeley.

Surrounded by three airports, and situated so conveniently in the San Francisco Bay area, you can practically get here any way you want.

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