Bermudian Dollar

The Bermuda’s currency is the Bermudian dollar. To distinguish it from other dollars, it is specifically referred to as BMD. The Bermudian dollar is hooked with the U.S. dollar, which means that 1 USD is always equal to 1 BMD.

The first Bermudian banknote was a 5 CAD (Canadian dollar) made for the Merchant Bank of Halifax, which was converted to a £1 to be used in Bermuda. Before 1970, Bermuda has never issued coins except those commemorative ones, and those last issued in the 19th century.

In February of 1970, Bermuda converted from the pound, to a decimal currency that is pegged with the U.S. dollar. The people of Bermuda were introduced to dollars with 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 denominations. While earlier dollar notes were printed with Bermuda Government at the top, Bermuda Money Authority would be seen in later dollar notes.

In 1974, dollar notes production was taken over by the Bermuda Money Authority. The 100 dollar note was introduced in 1982. After 6 years, the 1 dollar note was replaced by a coin, while the 2 dollar note was introduced to the people. Meanwhile, previously issued banknotes are still legally tender and may circulate among the new notes.

The new Bermudian dollar notes that were redesigned and issued in 2009 incorporate themes and scenes from the country’s seascape, and are color-coded in bright colors like the pounds used before it.

• $2 – Blue; features a bluebird on the front; the Dockyard Clock Tower and the Statue of Neptune at the back
• $5 – Pink; features a blue marlin on the front; the Horseshoe Bay Beach and the Somerset Bridge at the back
• $10 – Purple; features a blue angelfish on the front; an Image of the Deliverance and the Commissioner’s House at the back
• $20 – Green; features a green whistling frog on the front; the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and St. Mark’s Church at the back
• $50 – Yellow; features a longtail on the front; St. Peter’s Church at the back
• $100 – Red; features a red cardinal bird on the front; the House of Assembly at the back

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