Bernardo Winery

Bernardo Winery Barrel Room
Photo by: woodypew , Creative Commons

Dubbed as the oldest operating winery in San Diego county, San Diego’s Bernardo Winery surely looks the part. The place has every bit of the rustic feel and actually looks like an old farm. The winery is family run as is the tradition with most of the still existing wineries ensuring that the quality of wines stay true from generation to generation.

The Bernardo Winery can be found in the quaint town of Rancho Bernardo, which is a good 25 miles north of downtown San Diego. Founded in 1889, the winery has been witness to moments of glory when it was the major supplier of wines to the San Diego County as well as humbling yet defining moments when it had to downsize due to the loss of vineyards and look for other ways to continue generating profit.

The Winery has put in a coffee shop, salon, various village shops and a cafe in addition to its wine tasting shop making it a good destination as ever. A step into the winery and one is instantly transported decades back because of the beautiful Mediterranean gardens, lush vineyards, and captivating atmosphere. In fact, the place has become a favourite for site for hosting events such as weddings and banquets due also to warmness and hospitality of the family running the place.

There are different choices to where you can hold your event depending on the ambience you want. There is Rosario’s Pavilion, the olive park and pavilion where most of the events are usually held because of its beautiful surroundings. If you want something more formal and intimate with a lot of character, the Barrel Aging Room is a great place for sit down dinners as you are surrounded by old redwood wine aging vats.

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