Photo by: YimHafiz, Creative Commons

You can visit any place in the world, discover luxury at its best as when you go to Beruwala. If you think you will only learn history and other facts about the place, you are wrong. Here, you will experience history, live in luxury, and have the best moment of your life.

Beruwala is a busy town. It is a commercial center, so expect a lot of people doing trade and small business here. If you want to join their busy trade, you can shop for local goods, gems, and other souvenir items that will remind you of your unique visit to the place.

But if you want to stay away from the busy hub of the city, you can visit some of the best beach resorts in town. You can go swimming with your friends in emerald blue waters of the beach. You can even enjoy some diving, snorkeling, and surfing activities. But if you want it simple, you can stroll along the shores and enjoy the white sand particles sliding on your feet.

When you sit on the beach, you can witness how local people spend their day earning their livelihood. Fishing is widely done in Beruwala, and you will be amazed of how they try to catch their fish through silt fishing.

Turtle hatching is both a tourist attraction and a protected eco program in the town. If you are lucky enough, you can spot a lot of turtles nesting on the shore or baby turtles getting ready for their first swim in the beach.

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