Best Beaches in Chile

Chile’s coast is often noted for being rocky, but throughout its nearly 4,000 miles of coastline there are many beautiful beaches for visitors and locals to enjoy. Due to the coast’s rugged terrain, often times beaches are found in between the bluffs and below steep cliffs. The beaches offer a variety of activities, from swimming and sunbathing to fishing and surfing. One is certainly bound to find a beach activity that they enjoy while visiting these pristine locations.

La Virgen Beach – Copiapó Bahía Iglesa

Located in northern Chile on the edge of the Atacama Desert, la Virgen Beach is known for having a Caribbean-like atmosphere. The beach is more secluded as it is not located in the immediate vicinity of a city. This place was given its name after locals noticed a rock formation that reminded them of the Virgin Mary. The beach has turquoise colored waters and very clean white sand. Swimming and sunbathing are popular at this location, with surfing being near impossible as the beach is located in a calm bay area. As far as refreshments go, la Virgen Beach has just one restaurant, but it offers a wide variety of food and drinks for guests to enjoy.

Viña del Mar Beach


One of the most popular beaches in Chile, Viña del Mar is an eight mile stretch of charming coastline. The name Viña del Mar means “Vineyard by the Sea” and the area is rich with gardens and lush foliage. The long and narrow beach is a popular attraction for both locals and visitors. The waters here are slightly colder due to the Humboldt Current that brings cooler waters up from the ocean floor. Since this beach is located right next to the city of the same name, the area offers plenty of restaurants, shops and nightlife activities after spending a day in the surf and sun.

Anakena Beach – Easter Island

Anakena is a sandy white coral beach in Rapa Nui National Park on Chile’s Easter Island. The beach is unique in that it is one of only two beaches on the entire island as the majority of the coastline is otherwise very rocky. The area has been described as truly Polynesian with its warm waters and long string of coconut palm trees. Also nearby one will find a grouping of six moai statues that will remind the beachgoer that they are still, indeed, on the beautiful and mysterious Easter Island.

Punta Choros Beach

Punta Choros is a small fishing village that is known for its vast collection of animal life that can be found in and around its Pacific waters. Visitors can expect to see dolphins, marine otters, Humboldt penguins, sea lions and various types of birds. Popular beach activities here include surfing, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, picnicking, sunbathing and swimming. It is recommended that visitors bring a camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities that will arise with the beautiful flora and fauna in the area.

Las Tijeras Beach – Isla Dama, La Serena and Coquimbo

Humboldt Penguins at beach

This beach is a neighbor of Punta Choros Beach and is located on Damas Island. The beach is part of the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve. Here guests can see many different species of marine life and walk the white sand shores. The waters are relatively calm, so surfing is not an option. However, visitors still enjoy swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving in the area. There are many great opportunities to get up-close and vivid views of the marine ecosystem.

Playa Blanca Beach – La Serena and Conquimbo

Noted for its clean white sands and bright turquoise waters, Playa Blanca Beach is a great place for relaxation. The beach is comprised of roughly 1,500 feet of coastline and it is popular amongst locals and visitors alike. Common activities here include fishing from the shore, swimming or just laying back and relaxing in the sun. There are also campsites and cabins for rent at this location for those who wish to spend the nights along the beautiful Playa Blanca shores.

Hornitos Beach – Antofagasta

Photo by: David Adam Kess CC

This area is unique in that it is without electricity, running water or other typical services that one might find in other beach and resort locations. Guests will need to bring all of the comfort items that they might need with them. The beach here is known for its waters being both calm and bathwater-warm. The waves are too small for surfing, but visitors to the area still enjoy swimming and even water skiing.

Punta de Lobos Beach

Punta de Lobos Beach is the place to go if you are into more exciting water sports. The waters are known for creating perfect surfing conditions. Likewise, many visitors will try their hand at kiteboarding. Waves here vary in height from two to three meters allowing for beginner surfers and experts alike to enjoy the experience. The sand at this beach is more of a gray tone and the beachfront is lined by tall cliffs. There are also some larger boulders and rock groupings scattered throughout the area that are often inhabited by sea lions. Punta de Lobos is also known for its sport fishing and photography opportunities.

Cifuncho Beach – Antofagasta


Recognized for its strikingly clear waters and white sand, Cifuncho Beach is a great location for both swimming and fishing. The beach is equipped with restrooms and lifeguards while the nearby city offers other attractions. The area is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination where visitors can also enjoy a nice, locally sourced, seafood dinner at one of the many restaurants in the city.

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