Betioky is definitely one of the most sought-after places in the wonderful island of Madagascar. The way that tourists will have to go through to get in there is already a wonderful experience – what more if they reach Betioky?

Well, besides the attractive beach, Betioky has quite a busy market that is home to locally-produced gold and silver products. Tourists who would like to have some souvenir upon leaving the place should stop by the market in the area first and take a look at these brilliant minerals.

What sets the town apart from the others in Madagascar is that it is home to the ancient Mahafaly Tombs. These tombs are considered one of the must-visit areas since it tells so much about the tradition and culture of the people who have inhabited the area before the current settlers took over. The enormous painted and sculpted stone structures can be as high as 12 meters, which is peculiar for a tomb. There are rituals and rites that are done in the area as well, so tourists wouldn’t like to pass up on that, either.

Also, the area’s inhabitants are very kind and accommodating to tourists. They can even share what they know about the area and what they do, which is kind of good for tourists who are interested to know more about Betioky.

Madagascar wouldn’t be such a good place without is famous tourists spots, especially Betioky. Tourists will surely enjoy and learn a lot of things during their stay.

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