Garragum Mountains
Photo by: jensimon7, Creative Commons

A tourist would not really think of going to Turkmenistan for a vacation, he probably might not have even heard of this Central Asian country. If you are looking for a different kind of adventure and you are the type that likes to try new things and explore new places, Turkmenistan is the challenge for you.

One such area in Turkmenistan is the culture-rich city of Bezmein, now referred to as Abadan. It is located in the Ahal Province near the capital city of Ashgabat. Bezmein is its traditional Russian name; it was changed in 2002 by then President Niyazoy.

The city itself has an arid or dry climate mostly attributed to the geographical aspects of the country. Most of Turkmenistan is covered by the Black Sand Desert called the Karakum desert. All other parts not covered by this are teeming with natural resources like oil and gas. Because of the dry weather, Turkmenistan as a country is considered as the driest in the world with the amount of rainfall only amounting to around 12 millimeters annually. The temperatures in this region of Asia reach up to 50°C that is why it is highly advised to bring suitable clothes and lots of sunscreen if you plan on going on vacation here.

Aside from the natural resources, Bezmein also showcases the intricate culture of Turkmenistan. The shops sell carpets and other handicrafts that exhibit designs related to the colorful history of a region. They also place importance to architectures showing religious depictions.

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