Chirkhuwaa Khola stream at Baaluwani (Bhojpur)
Photo by: TheDreamSky, Creative Commons

Bhojpur is a town situated in Eastern Nepal. Bhojpur is home mainly to the Newar ethnic group that is renowned for their excellent craftmanship. It is considered as the headquarters of the Bhojpur district and is described as hilly and mountainous. Neigboring towns have airports connecting to Kathmandu making it easily accessible for tourists who wish to travel here.

Bhojpur, being a mountainous area, is a favorite for people who like to hike. The green, lush hillsides and the cool breeze make it seem like a paradise for nature lovers. Bhojpur boasts of making exquisite metal crafts like the famous khukuri knives. The traditional homes of the Newar people also show the talents and skills that they are famous for.

Bhojpur is not currently suitable for motor vehicles and to get from one place to another, one has to walk. The hills and mountains of Bhojpur offer a panoramic view of neighboring towns like Dingla, to the north, and Ghoretar, to the south. Bhojpur is a stage of cultural diversity, which is evident by the crafts, the homes and ways of living of its inhabitants.

This town also has a mysterious and peaceful ambiance thanks to the gently sloping hills that seem to separate one from the rest of the world. The climate of Bhojpur is colder than Kathmandu, and the best time to visit is between October and April where the skies are clear. Winter here can be very cold as compared to other major cities in Nepal.

Bhojpur is a town with a lot of history and a rich culture. It is an ideal spot to rest and relax and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

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