The mountains of Bhurban
Photo by: ~MVI~, Creative Commons

Opulent stories of the past and an awesome wildlife. These are the two main ingredients that make up the well-heeled place of Bhurban, Pakistan. It is a spot like no other; a special place on earth where luxury can be experienced through simple ways.

Bhurban, Pakistan is a small town that stands like a gem in the middle of Murree Hills. And since it is being surrounded by huge masses of earth, this town boasts of fascinating landscapes that will definitely take one’s breath away. It is a perfect spot for thrill-seekers and adventure aficionados. Trekking and hiking are two of the major surprises that await anyone who would like to discover more about the place.

But visiting some of the man-made wonders will already give some hints of the glories of this place. Its stories of survival and triumphs against foreign oppressors have shape the image of this town to the world.

A simple game of golf in the famous nine-hole course is a unique experience in this town. Finding respite in resorts and swimming pools that overlook the majestic sceneries is a dream come true for busy persons. And to complete the enriching experience is a dining experience that showcases the best Pakistani cuisines.

But Bhurban, Pakistan boasts nothing more than its wildlife. There are a wide collection of fauna and flora that reminds anyone of the greatest gifts of nature. The local government showed inspiring efforts to preserve these wonders that the locals and the visitors of this town will preserve forever.

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