Bhutan Mountain Biking

Bhutan Mountain Biking 400
Bhutan Mountain Biking
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The mountainous terrains and the breathtaking views available makes Bhutan a mountain biking haven for biking enthusiasts from different parts of the globe. The experience felt while biking along the highways and paths of Bhutan that shift in altitude and in temperature will definitely be like no other.

There are three popular Bhutan mountain biking tours available nowadays which are offered to tourists who want to feel the adrenaline rush brought about by the paths. These tours are also offered to tourists who want to see the beauty of the mountains in Bhutan while effectively doing physical exercise through mountain biking.

What You Should Not Miss

Mountain biking across Bhutan is a rewarding tour that you should not miss if you want to explore Bhutan and get to see what it has to offer. Through biking across Bhutan, you get to see famous and historical attractions like the Pelela pass which is more than three thousand meters long and also the Yotola Pass which is three thousand six hundred meters long.

The unique wilderness of Bhutan is also something that you should not miss when mountain biking. Make sure you get to take the Dochula pass when going Trashigang if you want to see for yourself the majestic beauty of high mountain passes in the land.

Western Bhutan is also another path that you should not miss when on a mountain biking tour. The shifting vistas and views offered when taking the path to Western Bhutan is definitely very rewarding that is why you should not miss it.

What You Should Know

These mountain biking tours will last for approximately seven to eighteen days depending on the path that you choose to take. It is advised that you equip yourself with the proper gear and you have physically prepared yourself for the oncoming physical challenges that you will be facing.

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