Bialystok in Poland
Photo by: Iwona Kellie, Creative Commons

Not only is Bialystok Poland’s centre for academic, administrative and economic fields but also its Green Lungs. This prestigious title is given to it mainly for its very rich natural and environmental resources. This is the very reason tourists do not only enjoy visiting this city but also decide to stay and live in this clean region. With only a population of 300,000, it can very well accommodate more dwellers who would want to partake in the environmental assets that make this city an ideal place to live in.

Today, the city of Bialystok in Poland has become a hub for various nations, cultures, customs, religions and traditions in this melting pot. People from all over the world have come together in this city. You will find different nationalities here, e.g., Jews, Germans, Poles, Lithuanians, Tartars, Byelorussians and Russians. The universal language “Esperanto” of Ludwik Zamenhoff was the result of the multienthnicity in Bialystok. This is made even possible by the location of this city which is actually near the borders of many other countries such as Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. Other reasons are the availability of transportation links easily connecting these places as well as the enticing conditions in Bialystok that makes it ideal for cultural and economic development.

There are many buildings in Bialystok that have great cultural value in them, around 143 in all. Most of this number managed to earn a place in the city’s register of historical monuments. One of the best and most valued is Branicki palace garden complex, which is also a popular spot for tourists. The shape of this complex is attributed to the Grand Crown Hetman, Jan Klemens Branicki. This palace is surrounded by a well preserved Baroque garden. The site is also referred to as the “Polish Versailles.”

A visit to Bialystok, Poland will definitely be a memorable experience especially of you are able to visit their famous other sites such as the churches, parks, forests, museums and many other relics from the past. Many activities can also be done while here. To ensure a thorough appreciation of the city, have a professional tour guide show you around.

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