Bilbao steps in a quiet neighborhood
Photo by: anaru, Creative Commons

The city of Bilbao is known for its success and focus in on commerce, it is a great place to visit and unwind. Bilbao is rich with history and culture that it is very proud of. Especially in recent years, the city has undergone some restorations and renovations for it to be able to preserve the best of the structures that it can offer.

Among the most special sites that the city of Bilbao has to offer are those that are relevant to their heritage and history. It is a great place to marvel fine architecture of old structures that was made in the past as it stood to witness history as it was made. These would include the Teatro Arriaga opera house, La Ribera market, Bilbao’s Cathedral of Santiago and Saint Anton Bridge and church. These are especially easy to find in the medieval neighborhood of Bilbao. The recent addition of the magnificent Guggenheim Museum has brought much attention to the city.

Soccer is the leading sport that many of the citizens of Bilbao supports. This is played at the San Mames Stadium. On the other hand, the main highlight of the city is the Semana Grande Festival. It is a 9-day festival that is held beginning the third Saturday of August. They hold strongman games that are participated by locals and foreigners alike. There are also free musical performances and other forms of street entertainment. There are also bullfights that are held during the festivities. Each night is ended with an extensive fireworks display that is truly marvelous. It is also said that each year’s program changes where some highlights are added or the schedule of activities are altered. It is easy to get a copy of the programmes as these are distributed and are made available throughout the city.

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