Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum

Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum
Photo by: jlahorn, Creative Commons

There are a variety of museums around the world, more often than not they all have artifacts of all sorts that date back to nearly hundreds or some even thousands of years old. But if there is a museum that lets its visitors see its priceless artifacts but let them touch theml like they are transported back in time once they enter the museum itself, then the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum is one of those museums out there.

During its prime as a mining capital, the town of Bisbee is one of the largest mining towns which include New Orleans and San Francisco. The immigrant citizens of this town were the world’s citizens, where each and every one of them having their own dream. And many of these people found it and lived it in this town. The population of this town peaked at twenty thousand people, all intrepid pioneers and all confronted great odds, infernal gods and Mother Nature herself.

There were no wristwatches at that time so men wore pocket watches instead and spend their leisure time at saloons. And on the other hand, women were accounted for most of the above-ground businesses of the town like a simple store and such. It was during this time where it is considered as the dawn of the Age of Electricity. This time may also be considered a wireless world, since there were no wires or cables to start with. Also, this is the time when tons of nonstop innovations started.

A trip to the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum is like trip back in time when there is no dependence from fluorescent lights and for miners during that time or flashlights or safety headlights to aid them in navigating inside the. Taking your time to visit this museum with either friends or family or even as a field-trip is always a great idea.

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