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If you really want to get a feel of laid-back Icelandic life, and enjoy wondrous scenery at the same time, you should schedule a visit to Blönduós. Blönduós is a seaside town in North Iceland. Since the weather up North is colder, most tours are scheduled in the summer. It is a fact that most hotels aren’t open for business during winter; however, there are some that operates year-round, such as the Hotel Blanda.

A good travel experience doesn’t stop at good accommodations, though, so here are some things that you might want to see (and do) in Blönduós .

What to See

You can take a visit to the Romanesque church in the area. There is also a Textile Museum that showcases wool products, traditional Icelandic costumes and embroideries with historical significance. There are also wool exhibitions that show how wool is gathered from sheep and processed to be a piece of clothing. You can also visit the Sea Ice Exhibition Centre for fun ways to look at and learn about Ice Bergs and the likes.

What to Do

Practically everywhere in Iceland, you would be treated to an awesome view. Take a relaxing walk in Hutrey while enjoying the scenery. Hutrey is an island in the middle of the river Blanda – the river that runs through the town of Blönduós itself.

One of the activities that Blönduós is well-known for, is fishing. There are excellent fishing spots in the area. The Blanda River is one of those. The average weight of salmon caught in this river is around 4 kg. There are also numerous small lakes in the region where you can fish for char or trout. Fishing season is from June to September.

Blönduós is a haven for the active tourist. Aside from fishing, you can go hiking, kayaking and canoeing. For the less physically-inclined, there is a 9-hole golf course north of the town where you can unwind. If you want to bring home travel memories that you can cherish, you ought to plan to make the 245-km journey to Blönduós. It is worth it.

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