Take your travel bags and head off to Bogue, Mauritania. It is one of the places that you must visit at this time of the year or perhaps any time! What you will see in this place is mostly all sand dunes but what makes it so exciting is that you will be able to work up on your tan.

Tourists from different parts of the world usually go to the Sahara Desert but they completely forget that Bogue is a good place to visit. You will see cemeteries of ships, different kinds of species of birds that you thought were only present in books or even at the zoo. They freely fly around and become the center of attention since they come in flocks.

Bogue, Mauritania is one of the places where you can also visit just to admire the vast area which was a sea of water before. Yes, the world changes its look every now and then so bring your camera to capture the changing world.

This is a tropical area so you have to lug along a lot of water, cooling systems like a portable fan so you would not faint in the heat. Light clothes are perfect for this place since you would sweat a bucketful if you’d wear clothes aside from cotton and linen. Speaking of potable water, it would be best for you to just drink bottled beverages like beer and soda to make sure you would not get an upset stomach.

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