Bonifacio 400
Bonifacio, France
Photo by: Orange Robber , Creative Commons

If you want to visit a place in France that will make you appreciate both the land and the sea, then Bonifacio is the place you are looking for.

The City of Bonifacio is situated in the southernmost part of the Corsica peninsula, detached from Sardinia by a strait also known as Bonifacio. It is considered the oldest town in the region. It is divided into two cities: the Upper City (or La Haute Ville among locals), which boasts the modern Mediterranean residence and the Old Town (or Vieille Ville) that depicts medieval-inspired houses of the 9th century.

Bonifacio serves as France’s hot spot during summer where French and tourists alike can spend their vacation. In the Upper City, visitors can take pleasure in several beach leisure activities like windsurfing, yachting and diving. People can also enjoy the limestone formations seen on the cliffs of the harbor.

The Old Town was preserved by the French government in order to portray the history of Corsica. A stone staircase that leads visitors from the Upper City to the Old Town, known as the Staircase of the King of Aragon, exemplifies beauty that lasted for many centuries. Once you have entered Vieille Ville, you can see and feel the scenery of 9th century France. The two Genoese towers built as Bonifacio’s landmark, Torra di Sant Amanza and Torra di Spansaglia are the main attractions in the Old Town. These towers, which amazingly stood the test of time, are often visited in Bonifacio.

Another attraction is the Monument of the Dead, which served as the resting place of both the ordinary and prominent citizens of Corsica in the medieval times. You will be pleased with the Gothic structures that can also give you that eerie feeling.

If you think that Bonifacio is a remote area, then don’t worry, you can reach it through the Figari Airport or through ferries coming from Sardinia. All you have to do is mark that calendar and bring your whole family to Bonifacio.

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