Borgarnes fjord
Photo by: pr1001, Creative Commons

Iceland is all about contrasts – steam and snow; new and old; land and ocean. Western Iceland is the place where most tourists can witness this contrast, because it is easily accessible (thanks to the ring road of Iceland).

Borgarfjorour is a very prosperous region located at West Iceland, and Borgarnes is part of that region. It is some 30 kilometers away from Deildartunguhver, the hot spring that is the region’s largest source of geothermal power. Borgarnes makes it easier for the tourist to get to other parts of western Iceland, like the nearby places where there are excellent fishing spots and horse-riding locations, such as the beaches of Longufjorur.

Some of the places where you could take great pictures are the bridges around Borgarnes. Come to think of it, you can see great scenes from practically, anywhere. One of the major attractions of this town is a beautiful park situated right in the village. This park is where a burial mound of Skallagrimur is located. Tourists rave about this particularly somber-yet-enchanting place and when you finally visit the place, you would understand why people say good things about it.

The people of Borgarnes are very much into sports. You would notice that there are a lot of recreational centers where you can play badminton, soccer, basketball, or go swimming. These are the things you can do to stay fit for that next hiking expedition, or simply to have fun.

Borgarnes is more than just a stopover town in the ring road of Iceland. It is a great destination who wants to “get away” without getting lost.

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