Ski Resort in Borovets, Bulgaria
Photo by: goynang , Creative Commons

On the northern slopes of Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains lie the country’s largest and oldest ski resort—Borovets.

Tourists who are looking for an ideal winter holiday destination will find Borovets the ultimate destination. For one, the winter in this place is mild and snowy and its air is simply clean and refreshing. This tourist haven is an ideal place for hiking during mild winters and warmer seasons.

A wide variety of elegant restaurants, hotels, and entertainment centers in Borovets cater to tourists.

Aside from the ski tracks on Mount Vitosha, Borovets is the only ski resort located near Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. So if you want to travel to Borovets from Sofia, the former is just one ride away. And once you arrive to Borovets, you can start your ski adventure right away!

Borovets offers a perfect skiing experience for all its visitors, with the Markoudjik sector providing one of the best skiing locations above the tree line. Bulgaria’s famous winter ski resort has improved its technologies and facilities to please the skiing enthusiasts. For example, Borovets has modern facilities, such as snowmaking machines as well as sound and lighting systems to make snowboarding and night skiing more enjoyable.

However, Borovets is not just for skiing fans, but also for tourists who are in for a night of endless partying. It is known as one of the hottest places for nightlife in Europe. The nightclubs there offer cheap booze, while some even offer them for free.

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