Mosque in Bost, Afghanistan
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

A trip to the southern part of the Afghan nation will lead you to a majestic place that shares a lot of wonders and stories to the world. Bost, Afghanistan is a city that you will surely never forget, especially because you will be star struck with the marvellous scenic spots that you will encounter here.

Presently called Lashkar Gah, the city of Bost, Afghanistan was originally a Persian barrack location. It guards the southern gates of the country against foreign invasions. But the defense forces there eventually fell in the hands of the oppressors during the war. Now, the remains of the barracks and fortresses serve as evidences of the century-old battle.

One of the best landmarks that you will see in this city is the ruins of Qala-e-Bost or the Fortress of Bost. You will notice here the impressive designs of the arch and daunting staircases that lead to the dark chambers.

The Helmand River is nature’s best gift to this city. It does not only serve as a source of food for the locals, but it also takes pride as the longest river in Afghanistan. In addition, you can do several water sports here, such as swimming and boating.

At the bank of the river is the Mirwais Nikka Park that gleams in green because of the tall trees and well-trimmed bushes. It is a perfect place to take a walk or do some jogging exercise every morning.

The Lashkar Gah football stadium is a place that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you love soccer sport. It houses some of the local competitions in the country.

Aside from strolling at some of the scenic sites, you can also do a lot of shopping in Bost, Afghanistan. Some items you can purchase are carpets, jewelries, potteries, hats, embroideries and semi-precious stones.

So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket and head straight to this town to experience a different pleasure twist.

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