Bou Saada

The Atlas Mountains
Photo by: wonker, Creative Commons

Bou Saada is another desert haven for tourists in all of Algeria. Somewhere between the Atlas Mountains and the Honda depression and a salt lake lays this city together with a stunning oasis. As the city stands northeast of the Sahara desert, many tourists consider this as another pilgrimage town. It stands out contrary to its neighbouring areas, which are barren mountains and dry salt marsh. Traditionally, the city was a popular trade post and market area where people would thrive in to get jewellery, metal, carpets, and Bousandi knives. The same goes today, but only better because Bou Saada also has a large textile mill.

In getting to the city, you no longer have to travel by camel as they have great railroads and main roads going there. Bou Saada is divided into two main areas: Medina and the French Town. As a tourist you will enjoy the bustling markets and the Bou Saada Park. As you may not expect, the 100-acre park is also a vineyard where grapes are planted for viniculture, as in produced and bottled as wine. And they produce only the top kinds of wine in the world: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and the Riesling wine, which originated from Germany. Currently they are in the process of producing Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo. Bou Saada or the place of happiness welcomes tourists very well and these tourists come even during the winter. You will not forget the thriving date palms and the active city of Bou Saada, as it is a different kind of wonder in Algeria, beautiful, cultured, and only waiting to be discovered.

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