Busy Street in Bourgas, Bulgaria
Photo by: Wiki Commons , Creative Commons

Found along the coast of the Bulgarian Black Sea, Bourgas serves as the center of trade and industry in that area. Aside from being an industrialized city, Bourgas is also a great tourist destination because it is brimming with interesting sights.

A major tourist attraction in Bourgas is the Sea Garden, a beautiful landmark situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tourists visit this shaded park to stroll around in warm summer days. It features an amphitheater where the International Folklore Festival is held every year.

The elegant forked staircase in Sea Garden leads to the central beach of Bourgas, which has striking dark-colored sand, composed of magnetite alloys. The other visit-worthy sights in the city include the Catholic cathedral, Armenian Church, St. Holly Mother Church, and St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral.

Just like other major cities in Bulgaria, Bourgas prides itself of being the home of the most impressive cultural attractions in the country with its museums, theaters, and art galleries. Leading the pack is the District Museum of History that displays a comprehensive collection of artifacts of old colonies on the coast of the Black Sea. Another must see is the Museum of Nature and Science that houses numerous exhibits on the floras and fauna as well as the geological facts about the earth and the region. Bulgarian and foreign art can be found at the Fine Art Gallery and the Art Gallery. Completing the cultural significance of Bourgas are the various theatrical halls such as The Opera House, the Puppet Theater, The Philharmonic, and the Theater of Drama.

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