Camels awaiting in Boutilimit
Photo by: Luis Jiminez, Creative Commons

The weather is just right at Boutilimit, Mauritania so no need to worry of suffering from a heat stroke. The typical climate is sunny with little episodes of rainfall. With this in mind, why not leave your iced-cap place and head to where there is sexy heat and glorious sand? Sure enough, this place is one of the tourist’s destinations when they’re currently experiencing extreme weather. Summer forever is the most often comment of the locals who live in Boutilimit.

Who can blame them for being in the best place in town to market handicrafts that they themselves have made? You could go crazy over the array of rugs that were made by using camel hair or even goat hair! It does not smell bad at all since you will be amazed as to how perfect these rugs are and of course how soft. You could also avail of silver bangles, chains and other forms of souvenir items that are made in silver.

Don’t get shocked at the means of transportation. Here in Boutilimit, locals and tourists as well, share taxi cabs. They are not like the trusted yellow cab that you could get for your personal use. They treat their cabs like buses wherein they can load up as much as five passengers at a time. Although worry not that you would be traveling for days just to get your turn to be driven for. There is a common route to be followed for that specific ride.

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